Start Me Up

The fun starts here people. On your marks, get set, GUNG-HO!!!


It’s finale time. This is what Gung-Ho! is really about. Climb and slide. Simple isn’t it?! At 5 storeys high and nearly 200ft long if you think you’ve seen an obstacle like this before you’re mistaken. This is one of the most unique slides in the World and Europe’s biggest ever inflatable slide.

Can I kick it?

Will you kick, roll or stumble your way through the giant ball pit? You decide. These balls might be the biggest on the planet at over 6.5ft tall best bring your big boots if you think you can Kick it.

Walking on the Moon

Let’s face it, we all love to bounce around and this might just be your biggest ever bounce. At 5000 sq. ft. this is huge! It might be the biggest bounce you’ll ever see. Once you’re jumping on this giant, you’ll feel like you’re on another planet.

Welcome to the Jungle

It’s a jungle in there! Crawl, climb, and clamber the ups n downs of this huge Gung-Ho! challenge! At nearly 100ft long this might not be as easy as you think!?

Day Tripper

Looks can be deceiving can’t they!?! None more so than the ‘Day Tripper’. Will you succumb to the potholes? Will you hop, skip and jump your way to the end? Don’t laugh at your fallen comrades too soon, you might just be joining them!

Born Slippy

Can you negotiate this one? Will you slip and slide to freedom or will you be that spider stuck in the bath?!

The Labyrinth

When you reach The Labyrinth, bringing a sense of direction might help. Then again, it might not! Easy to enter The Labyrinth but can you find your way out?

The Wall

Flying solo? You might need a lending hand to scale the heights of the Gung-Ho! wall. Use a friend, or how about we release the hounds, that’ll help you up. Right?!

Beat It

Have you got enough in the fun tank to beat it and slide on? Plain and simple; can you Beat It?


You’ve made it to the end!!! Now celebrate with a slippery, sliding finish full of foam 🙂

Demo Course Map

We will create a course route to suit each venue with obstacles and their order subject to change. Each will be 5k but not as you know it!

Full Course With Route | Gung-Ho!

*We can not guarantee that every obstacle will appear at every event. The obstacles and their positioning are dependent on the specific venue.

Rest assured we will do our best to get you the obstacles with the most Gung-Ho! fun.