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What is Gung-Ho!?

What is Gung-Ho!

The UK is truly Gung-Ho!

You can be part of the Gung-Ho! team as we continue to build the Gung-Ho! brand across Europe and the rest of the world.

Gung-Ho! is the Seriously Fun 5K. After our 2015 launch in the UK, Gung-Ho! has quickly become a leading brand for unforgettable events. Many thousands of runners have participated, bringing with them families and friends to spectate. Our enormous inflatables make this crazy course one of a kind.

What Gung-Ho! can do for you

What can Gung-Ho! do for you?

  • A proven and fine tuned concept
  • Exclusive rights for your country/region
  • Event operations
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • A trusted partner, committed to helping you succeed

Are you ready to Be Gung-Ho!?

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