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Who Are Gung-Ho?

Gung-Ho! was created in 2015 by a small team of dedicated fun-fanatics based in the city of Liverpool, UK.

They're mad about football, the city they call home and in giving their customers a seriously fun experience. In chasing this principle, they just so happened to end up designing some of the world's BIGGEST inflatables!


Why Gung-Ho?

The team wanted to find a way to get people out of their homes and spending time together! It very quickly became clear that improving health and fitness was a goal for a lot of people but that many 5k events could be exclusive or intimidating for those of us who are less-than-athletic!

It was after this realisation that Gung-Ho! was born! With enough of a challenge to appeal to regular 5k runners but with no clock to beat and a real focus on having fun, we offer a running event with an inclusive mentality, that can be attempted by anyone without any extra pressure.

Gung-Ho! - the World's BIGGEST 5k Inflatable Run is a challenging event that you can enjoy with your friends, family and colleagues regardless of different ages, abilities or fitness levels.

What Next?

Gung-Ho! is now in its 5th year! and is continuing to grow within the 5k community through 2019. Check out the Events Page to find an event near you!

After so many events, the team have become the go-to experts in delivering an inflatable experience with a focus on fun and inclusivity! So much so that we've now launched Inflatable Planet - an indoor inflatable wonderland for children & adults alike.