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Corporate Sponsorship

As a sponsor of Gung-Ho!... have the opportunity to get your brand or products seen by the tens of thousands of people that run and watch our running events all around the country!

Who is a typical Gung-Ho! Runner?

Our 5k infltable obstacle run has shown appeal to a broad demographic due to its inclusivity and emphasis on fun over endurance!

The majority of runners are between 25 - 44 years old, but we have runners from 7 to 75 years of age!

Our event are enjoyed by both men and women who may not typically want to take part in a 5km race but who are attracted to the inclusivity and fun factor we promote.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gung-Ho! is currently free from Sponsorship.

Due to the nature of our events, there are many sponsorship opportunites available across a range of assets including:

  • Our obstacles
  • Food & beverage stalls
  • Space in the spectator's hub

even our event as a whole!

If you would like to know more then download our sponsorship brochures and get in touch using the contact form. We can't wait to hear how we can help you communicate your message and brand.

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